What is Garage Door? What’s the Average Cost to Install a New Garage Door?

Repairing & Replacing

Garage doors have been used by people for ages. They come in different types and shapes, with each type serving different purposes. A garage door is a complex machine comprising hundreds of different parts. The most key parts that play a crucial role in the opening and closing a garage door include but are not limited to garage door springs, cables, door opener, hinges and tracks. Like other home appliances, garage doors need proper maintenance to keep working smoothly and effortlessly.

What is Garage Door? What’s the Average Cost to Install a New Garage Door?

On the average, it costs around $733 to $1,475 to install a garage door. The cost includes door, labor, materials, and tracks. However the cost may go a little high with the advanced garage door models. Working and consulting with garage door repair company is the key to finding the right garage door model that best suits your requirements and needs.

The following are the key parts of a garage door system:


You may have heard about the use of springs in a garage door system. The function of a spring is to offset the gravity force on the garage door. Simply put, a garage door spring makes it easier for you to lift your garage door effortlessly and smoothly.  There’re two types of springs used in the garage door system; torsion springs and extension springs. The role of the both spring types is almost same, but their placement is what sets them apart.

Door Opener

As it names suggests, a door opener opens and closes a garage door. It’s controlled by the switched placed on the wall. Most opener models come with a handheld remote, which is used to operate the garage door from a short distance.