A Disaster Averted: When Torsion Springs Go Soft

Garage Door Spring Repair

My garage door had developed a bit of a sag over the past few months that was getting more pronounced. At first I just tightened the cables a notch, which helped some, but the problem gradually returned. It was time to dig deeper to find the real issue.

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A Loosening Torsion

On further inspection, I noticed the torsion springs on each side of the door were not winding as tightly as they should. These springs provide the counterbalancing force to smoothly lift the heavy door panels. When they weaken over time, it puts unwanted pressure on other parts like rollers, tracks and cables.

A call to Garage Door Spring Repair in Suffolk confirmed my suspicions – the springs were indeed loosening from continuous use. Left unaddressed, it could lead to more serious problems down the road. They advised exercising caution since a failing spring could suddenly let loose with a dangerous amount of potential energy.

Carefully Tightening Under Tension

I watched online tutorials for guidance on safely adjusting the springs myself. Special tools and expertise are required to account for their powerful tension. I also didn’t want to damage the winding cones in the process.

With protective eye gear on, I began carefully tightening each spring one full turn at a time using a winding tool. It was tricky work keeping steady pressure while feeling the coils tighten back up gradually. Going slowly ensured an even wrap without kinks or twists developing.

The Aftermath

Once complete, the door balanced perfectly again with no noticeable sag. All the telltale signs of loose springs had disappeared. I was relieved no catastrophe occurred during the repair.

It’s a good reminder that these components weaken over 10-15 years of regular use. Staying proactive about maintenance saves much bigger hassles down the road. And knowing when a job is better left to professionals prevents potential injury too.